Combined machine

Combination machine ML410H

Combination machine ML410H


1. The sliding table
Providing stability and accuracy ! A miled ,strongly ribbed aluminium profile with multiple chambers in combination with the high quality guiding system ensures play-free
2. Crosscut fence 2300mm
The scale on the crosscut fence is bevelled towards the operator ,this is assist you when setting the crosscut stop position and improve accuracy by preventing readout errors .The crosscut stop position indicator is perfectly integrated into the body of the crosscut stop
3.Outrigger table
With integrated work piece roller and large telescopic crosscut fence ,it enables you to expertly carry out panel cuts ,trimmings and crosscuts of large dimensions .
4.Depth of cut
The surface of planer has a 4mm depth of cut .
5.Saw blade tilt 90º-45º
Saw blade angle adjustment from  90º-45º
6.Router spindle Dia.Ø30mm(optional)Ø35- Ø40-- Ø50
7.Tiltable planer fence
For planing and bevelling work the planer fence is tiltable from  90º-45º
The long planer fence profile allows accurate guilding of the work-piece
8.Make the groove by scoring saw
The study cutter-block assembly


1.1 Surface planning
Cutterblock(with 3 blades) Φ72mm
Size of blade 410x30x3mm
Max. planing width 400mm
Max. removal 4mm
Fence tilting 90°~45°
Motor power 4kW
1.2 Thickness planing
Max. planing width 400mm
Work height 3~230mm
Driving speed 7m/min
Max. removal 4mm
Motor power 4kW
1.3 Saw
Saw blade dia Φ305mm
Hole dia Φ30mm
Shaft stop time ≤10sec
Max. cross cut width 820mm
Max. cross cut length 1900mm
Motor power 2.2kW 220V(380V)50Hz
1.4 Scorer assembly
Scorer blade dia Φ80mm
Hole dia Φ20mm
Rotation speed 8000rpm
1.5 Moulder
Router spindle Dia. Φ30mm(Φ35-Φ40-Φ50)
Max. shaft protrusion from table 155mm
Spindle rotation speed 1400,3500,6000,8000rpm
Motor power 2.2kW 220V(380V)50Hz
1.6 Drilling
Drilling Dia. Φ3~16mm
Max. Drilling depth 105mm
Packing Size 1920x1400x1100mm

Weight 670/800kg
Note : The products updating constantly ,please forgive us do not issuing a seperate notice if there is any designing change.

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